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Common Styles Of Shelves To Meet Storage Needs

When choosing a solution for your storage needs, one of the most popular options is shelves. No surprise there, given the wide variety of styles out there to choose from! Here we'll take a look at some of the most common types of shelves out there, and give you some ideas about how and where each can be used in your home to provide for your storage needs.

Shelving Units, Furniture, Glass, Storage Racks

First, let's take a look at your traditional, freestanding shelving units. These can be found in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colors, from bargain stores such as Wal-Mart to high end, custom furniture makers. Ideal for any room that has open wall space, when choosing a freestanding shelving unit you'll want to take measurements before buying, to insure that the piece you pick out fits the space where you intend to put it.

Next, we have your corner shelf units that also come in a large variety of sizes, materials and colors. Designed to fit into corners, these shelves are ideal for rooms where extra storage space is needed that won't take up too much wall space. Large, solid units can be used in the living room to hold books and family photos, while small, lightweight ones can be used in kids rooms for toy storage.

You also have your wall mounted shelves, which are common in closets, garages, basements and pantries. These are often bought in kits and installed by homeowners to provide permanent storage solutions. They are also commonly found in living areas, and are used to display household decorations such as photo frames, knick knacks and other sentimental pieces.

Those are three of the more common styles of shelves, and when choosing a shelving for your home, it's important to consider each room one at a time. For example, start on your garage and make a quick list of all the things you need shelving for. Then make a list of shelving that matches those needs - for example, bicycle storage racks, furniture shelving and steel shelving units might be idea for the variety of things commonly found in a garage.

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Using Corner Shelves in Older Homes

By Jennifer O. Reed
In small rooms, such as bathrooms in very old houses, the shelves are usually small as well. Modern homes are built with larger cabinets and so there is not as much of a need for the extra storage. One way to solve the storage problems in older homes is with the strategic use of corner shelves. They are the best way to solve this type of problem when there is absolutely no other choice.

The Best Shelves For Your Storage Needs

By Sean Sanders
Every home and every commercial or industrial establishment will find good use for shelving. It is a fact that a home or office will at least have one shelf in a room or area. You may come to a perfect realization that a shelving is indeed a very useful and decorative fixture in a home.

Restaurant Shelves

By Francesco Zinzaro
Perhaps the top consideration for dry storage shelving is adjustability, to accommodate the heights of numerous jars, cans, bins, and boxes. The shelves you select ought to be versatile in 1-inch increments. The type of shelving you'll choose is dependent upon two things: wherever it is to be utilized, and what you plan to shop on it.

Garage Storage - Learn How to Build Shelving For Storing All of Your Stuff

By Frank K Cobert
A garage is an ideal place to store all your things and also your gear for activities, tools and also equipment; as well as its initial function for vehicle parking to pursuits just like a home business office, a fitness center or perhaps a workshop. If the garage is useful for storage space instead of alternative activities it genuinely requires a few shelves for organization.

Artfully Stacked Shelves - Designer Tips & Advice on Arranging Bookshelves

By Wendy Machen-Wong
Are your shelves as enticing as the titles your displaying? Here's a designers road map to decorating your bookshelves. Get designer tips and advice on arranging bookshelves.